No time to wash clothes????

You May have to spend  lot of time approximately 1 to 2 hours on washing clothes drying them, making sure that color doesn’t bleed , color fade and maintainenence of the fabric.

You may need to increase the amount of detergent in the next load, use a detergent booster, or increase the temperature of the wash water. However, the gray could be from dye that has bled from darks to lights, suggesting you need to sort better. Bluing added to the wash load sometimes corrects graying in white fabrics.

our powdered detergent isn’t dissolving properly. Make sure the loads aren’t too full. Use liquid detergent with cold-water cycles. Try letting the washer fill with water, adding the detergent, and then adding the clothes. If the problem is caused by hard water, try using a water-softening product in the next load. 

For all the above issues Laundry service are the best solutions for  both door step pickup and door delivery.

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