Terms and Conditions


The term of this Agreement will be effective as on the date we mutually agree for all term and conditions and continue unless we terminate the contract. If one party violates any term or condition in this Agreement before its termination, the other party can terminate this Agreement by providing three (3) days’ notices from the incident’s date of occurrence.


The Ophiliya & co will send an invoice to the vendor once services booked by end customer from ohelpbro.com website. The Ophiliya & co agrees to pay the vendor mutually agreed amount through cash, credit card, Paypal, cheque, or bank transfer within three business days after the service is rendered. If end customer dissatisfied with vendor services, Vendor has to re-perform services again to the end customer without any additional consideration.

Percentage sharing

For the services rendered by vendor to Ophiliya & co. Ophiliya & Co agree to pay a mutually agreed margin% to vendor for each invoices generated by us as specified in above payment Clause.


The Vendor must deliver the services to the end customer who seek services through ohelpbro.com website. The services will be delivered as per date and time (slot) booked by the end customer and the Vendor responsibility is to render complete service on time

Representation and Warranties

The Vendors are experts, knowledgeable, and experienced in these in-lines of services as specified in the Agreement. The Vendor also agrees to uphold all state laws and legal requirements in India.

Liability and Indemnification

The Vendor hereby agrees to indemnify, defend and protect the Ophiliya & co and its staff, if they fail to meet customer expectations and also if they fail to render services at agreed point of time . Furthermore, the vendor shall not misbehave to end customer while providing the specified services .